My 24hours

While thinking about “Big Rock” the other day, I wondered what do I do in 24hours and how can I be more effective in achieving what I want to achieve?  I can’t make my 24hours become 48 hours in a day (although I would love to) so I just have to work with the same number of hours but with a prioritization.

A typical working day for me goes like this:

7 hours :  Sleep
1 hour  : Travel to and from fitness
1.5 hour: Exercise +shower+change
9 hours:   Work (assuming this is a VERY good day)
1 hour:    Travel home
1.5 hour:  Dinner + family time
0.5 hour shower
1 hour blog
1.5 hours spare time (in case of traffic, long showers, long dinners, )

Looking at this breakdown, I realize I have roughly an hour extra a day to do what I want to do. What should be my priority during this hour? If there is a long traffic jam, I lose this personal time.

It can be family, health or work.  Just one hour a day isn’t much, but if you realize that this is your valuable time then do what you want to do in that special hour 🙂

What are you going to do?

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