Never Let Me Go

Sundays are usually days I have to relax and contemplate a little. This past Sunday I watched a movie called “Never Let Me Go” and it is indeed an emotionally touching movie. I had tears in my eyes as I watched it on my computer screen, I suppose if I were watching it on a big screen it would be even emotional. It’s a heartbreaking for it raises questions about the morality of cloning humans for organ donations.

I remember debating the morality of all this in highschool.  Afterall, this was during the era when Dolly the Sheep became the first success story of a clone from an adult cell.  This was a scientific breakthrough, but was this moral?  Was this the right thing to do? To what extent is technology to be used for one’s on good?

“Never Let Me Go” addresses this question by showing us kids growing up in a seemingly normal English boarding school.  The only difference was that they were clones.  They took lessons, played rugby, and had emotions just like everyone of us.  They felt anger, friendship and love.  Unlike us, though, they’ve been taught that once they graduate, once they reach adulthood, they are not to live normal lives but instead undergo a series of organ donations until they “complete.”

It’s sad. Here were humans facing up to life awaiting their time to donate organs.  Humans just like each and everyone of us.

In the end we are all humans no matter how we came into being.  In the end we all “complete” whether sooner or later.  Some “complete” their purpose in life to help us live longer, while in the end we too will “complete.” So how can one life be given priority over another? It cannot. A life is a life.

In the end, we never feel we have “enough” time on this earth.  There is always something we wished we had done, or something we wanted to get done or say.  There is no way to avoid “completion” for our time on earth is limited.   Just live and make the best of each day.

No clone can make you live forever.

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