Old Bangkok Dining: Duck Noodles @ Nang Lerng Market

I’ve been up since 5.30am this morning.  I’m up this early not because I’m ill, nor do I have somewhere to go this early in the morning, but I’m up because I was so exhausted yesterday I came home and fell  flat on my bed at 9.30pm and a good eight hours later, I am up.  I have to say that I feel totally refreshed and alive once again.  Since it’s the weekend (and because I’m getting hungry) I thought I’d take you on a little trip to have duck noodles at an old Bangkok market.

If you’ve been following me since last year, you’d probably know how I love having noodles for lunch. I still do (though now I can also have them for dinner) and when I discover a noodle place that’s delicious, I just get all happy and giddy.  Today’s duck noodles is the one at Nang Lerng Market which is near to the Nang Lerng stadium where horse races are held.  It’s on the border between old Bangkok and modern Bangkok and not too far by taxi.  It’s around thirty minutes from Siam Square.

These noodles are legendary but I didn’t have the opportunity to go try it out, until one day Alex and I were both free and decided this was the place to go have lunch.  And so we went.  We got off in front of the Nang Lerng market on Nakorn Sawan Road and made our way across the zebra crossing.   Just waiting to cross, we were already tempted by the delicious aroma of grilled chicken sticks that were being grilled.  They had the “shell shuan shim” sign which is like a mark of approval and so we had to try it.  It was delicious. Juicy marinated grilled chicken. Comfort food.

Although the Nang Lerng market is one of Bangkok’s oldest fresh markets it is no longer wet nor dark and grimy as you might expect for something that’s been around over a hundred years.  The market has been renovated and now the shop houses are beautifully painted in pink and white and new tiles adorn the insides.  It also no longers functions as a fresh market but its stills are instead filled with ready made foods ranging from curries, noodles to an assortment of desserts.

The duck noodle place is just off from the main square and it occupies a shop house of itself.   Catering to the modern Bangkokian, they also have an airconditioned room which although is not as authentic, but it is a good place to rest from all the commotion and the hot Bangkok air.  I, of course, took the air-conditioned room, and all its coolness for a mere ten baht extra.

The walls of the room are lined with photos of all the famous people who have eaten here and a large sign with the “shell shuan shim” sign also adorns its wall telling me again that it is indeed delicious.  I ordered noodles with plain duck (no skins).  The noodles came fast and the portions are relatively large.  The soup was full of flavour and sent me to another level of happiness.  Liking meaty foods, the duck was indeed satisfying. Large pieces of duck filled my bowl.

If you like goose, they also serve goose cooked in earthen ware as well as fried duck and other delicous dishes.    They also do catering and deliver.  Something to note in case you ever find yourself in need of some delicious duck noodles.

My stomach’s growling now thinking of the duck noodles, and since I haven’t had breakfast I should get myself something to eat.   Have a good Saturday and if you happen to go try duck noodles, let me know how you like it!

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