Fitness Tip: Use the Weigh Scale

Considering the number of restaurants I have been reviewing (and I have plenty more lined up), you might wonder how can one stay in shape and prevent excessive weight gain?

As my advice has always been the first step to maintaining a  healthy lifestyle is to be “aware” of what one is eating.  If you aren’t exactly sure, write it down and take note.  If you ate a lot yesterday, eat less today.  It’s simple as that.  You are what you eat.

If you couldn’t be bothered to note what you’ve been eating, then use the weigh scale.  Weigh yourself everyday.  Weigh yourself at the same time of day each.  It works wonders, and best of all, it takes less than a minute to do. (No excuse that you don’t have time.)

I have to admit though, that almost two years since I first started my diet, I still have a slight fear of the weigh scale.  I wonder if the needle will jump up after I’ve had that delicious chocolate cake, or that incredibly fattening creamy salmon sphaghetti I devoured during a stressed evening.  Still, those fears have to be overcomed and reality faced.

So what if I gained weight?  It’s not the end of the world. Now that I know, now
that I am aware, I can get the weight down before it becomes too comfortable at
its new weight. (Gotcha!)

I read a magazine article once (I think it was Shape magazine) and the editor wrote how keeping a healthy weight was like packing for a trip.  We pack our bags with goodies and things we want to take along.  We weigh it and if its too much, we take out the excesss goods.  It’s a constant packing and repacking of the bags until we get the ideal weight.  That’s exactly what keeping healthy is like.

Keeping healthy requires constant checking and rechecking.  Check your weight, are you exercising?  Don’t get obsessed with numbers, but remember that if the only direction you see your scale moving is up up and up, then you know there’s something wrong!!  Prevent excessive weight gain, use a weigh scale.  Don’t live without one or else you’d turn into a “chubby” me like I was 🙂

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