The Forest Trees: A Poem

It’s summer in Bangkok but we’ve been getting crazy thunderstorms these last few days as a result of Global Warming.  I therefore thought I’d like to share with you a poem I wrote in 6th grade.’s been a long time, but even then I loved the environment and I loved the tall tall trees.  It’s always fun to read through old writings 😛  Take care and Save the Trees !

The Forest Trees
                            by Swisa Ariyapruchya

Tall, towering high above us,
The trees stood majestically.
In a forest, almost forgotten,
They whispiered to one another.
If one listened,
One could hear,
What was being said
Among the many trees.

When the wind blew,
They swayed back and forth,
Their leaves humming.
Humming a tune of nature,
A tune no longer heard.

Many summers now
Since I have stood,
Listening in a forest.
No more whispering
No more humming,
The trees are gone.
Gone forever.
Never to return.

One by One
Trunk by trunk
Men have silenced the trees.
No more leaves
No more branches
They have all been felled.
Felled by men, The enemy.
Survival of the fittest.

Nature’s creation
No longer seen.
Thousands of years
Gone in a second.
Witnesses of history,
Mankind’s evolution.
No longer alive to tell the tale.

Saws buzzing
Lorries running
The forest gone forever.
The end of nature
End of Mankind.

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