The Guard

Most days in the morning when I arrive at the office, I am greeted by the entrance by a certain guard who is always sitting watching everyone come and go, walking here and there.  Amidst all this hectic movement, he remains calm and ever so pleasant.  Such a pleasant start to the morning it is indeed to be greeted by this guard.  Who is it? It’s our very own beiged coated dog with wagging tail and grinning muzzle whom I’ve nick-named “The Guard.”

I know not who the owner is, but he is a dog that knows no harm.  He watches those who enter and leave  and has a sleek and toned body that is a reflection of strength.  He’s one active dog with a built of a soldier dog.  He stands straight, shoulders back and head raised towards the sky, his ears alert for the slightest disturbance. A guard he is, but a friendly one with a muzzle that makes him look like he’s always grinning.

He keeps out of people’s way by sitting safely by the door or by a big potted plant.  He knows where the coolest place is around the building. The spot where the air condition falls when the door opens or by the glass wall that is cooled by the air conditioning. 

If it’s cold like it was in the past month, I spotted him wearing a little shirt that must have been put on by his guardian human.  He moved away from his usual cool spot and I found him instead sun bathing by the rotunda for all to see.  He’s not a dog to shy away from attention.  He needed warmth and he got it.

Such is the life of “The Guard.”  He’s a dog that is truly blessed for he runs free in our compound (which is quite big) and probably never has to beg for food.  I wonder if he’d be here with us until his old age or if one day he’d decide to leave us to “guard” elsewhere.  Whatever the case, he’s a dog that has touched quite a few lives.  I spot people here and there walking by, taking pictures or making doggie dog noises at him.   Wolf wolf, bye bye.

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