Sleep Well, Sleep Tight, Sleep Early

Since it was just the New Years in Thailand and New Years is not only a time for celebration but also of resolutions, I made one more this past week.  It’s something I’ve been working on for the past month but I keep getting drawn back into this vicious cycle of sleeping late, waking up late, feeling groggy, lacking energy and so forth.  It’s a horrible cycle to be in.  I feel exhausted but its so hard to get out of.

I therefore have a new resolution to sleep early, latest by 22.30hrs.  

It might sound a bit early to most, but to me it makes a big difference.  The past two days I’ve managed to get myself to bed early and the result is a much more energetic, happier and fresher me.  My brain is clearer and I find myself more focused at work.  I run better and I am not as out of breath. I work better when I’ve had good quality sleep.

This is even though I sleep the same amount of hours as if I went to sleep at midnight or 1am, but I think the quality of sleep I get from sleeping early makes all the difference.

I remember reading a study awhile back about how during 22.00hours to 5.00hrs your body has finished digesting food, your organs start to rest and the darkness outside sets your body clock to sleep.  Of course with lights, we can stay up all night if we want to,  but our bodies know the difference.

From my experience,  I think it’s the sunrise that affects my sleep.  As the lights peak in through the curtains, my sleep probably isn’t as deep as if it were pitch black outside.  You start hearing soft murmus of chirping birds through the windows and the sounds of life awakening all around.  All this you hear much more clearly when you are sleeping.  Any little noise seems to be on high volume when I am trying to sleep.

The hardest part of this resolution though is trying to get everything done by my dedicated bedtime.  There are always a million things I want to do when all is quiet at night.  The list is endless. 

What time do you sleep?  Does sleeping early make you feel more fresh? 🙂 Please share your opinions.

“Good night” my dear readers, sleep well and sleep tight until tomorrow 🙂

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