Regrets, Regret Not

Today I read an interesting article in the New York Times entitled “What’s Your Biggest Regret?” it’s interesting that one should study about it, but I suppose to learn and understand human behaviour, we have to take surveys and see what others feel. Interestingly, the most common regreat among American adults involves a lost romantic opportunity. This was from a sample of 370 adults. Second was family issues.

It makes me think about “regret.” Some consider it feeling a deep “remorse” or a sadness for a loss or absence of something. Some define it as the “opportunity lost” or a “sadness one feels after an action one wishes one had not done.” Whatever definition you give it, it is basically a feeling one feels when one wishes one had taken an action rather than the one had.

Then I thought about what my deepest “regret” was. This was not easy as I tell myself not to “regret” any decision I make because I don’t want to spend my life thinking and brooding about the things I “should” have done, the actions I “should” have taken. Easier said than done. Of course there are some things I wish I had done differently.

A few candidates came up and they are things I wish I had done differently. The biggest “regret” I have is I wish I had taken care of my health earlier. I wish I had lost the excess weight a long time ago. If I had known, life would be so much lighter, so much easier, less of a headache. I would have lost the weight a long long time ago.

Of course, at hindsight it is always easier to talk about the way things should have been done. When you’re in the situation, it’s not always that easy.

Nevertheless, whatever regrets you have in life whether it’s about not having pursued that romantic crush or one involving a squabble, I think the biggest lesson one must keep in mind is to learn from them. Know what they are, analyse them, get them out of your system and move on with life. Use the lessons you learn to make the most of what life has left for you. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Don’t spend your life wallowing away at past mistakes that can’t be altered. Your future depends on you now. There is no one else to blame. Go and DO IT!

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