Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! Yes, it’s Having ‘Me’ Time’s first Anniversary! A little over a year ago (on March 16th, 2010 to be exact) I turned on my computer, logged into a very old blogger account that had been inactive for years, and wrote my first post. I thank you Alex for encouraging me as you always have. I had no clue how it would evolve and until this day I am still wondering where all this writing will take me. The only thing I am sure of though is that I’m enjoying every minute on it and that I truly appreciate everyone who has continued to follow my posts as well as your comments. They make my day. Thank you for reading 🙂

A lot has happened in the past year, not only with me but with the world in which we live. Imagine, a year ago who would have thought an earthquake and tsunami of such magnitude would occur in Japan? Haiti and New Zealand? The middle east was still calm. There were no unrests in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. Nuclear power was still on the agenda. Summer was just starting in Thailand before we had the political unrest that resulted in fires, deaths and my evacuation from the condo. I pray no such thing ever happens again. It was stressful. Too stressful.

As for me, I’m still the same girl with the funny accent and the “chubby” me deep inside though of course I am now a year older and (hopefully) wiser. A year is quite a long time if you think about all that has happened…and not so long if you think about all that you wished you had done. I still have some unfinished projects like knitting that bag I’ve half started.

This past year, one important lesson I’ve learnt is that sometimes it’s okay to just be the person you are, even if it isn’t always the person you think you’d like to be. Oftentimes we have images of the person we think we should be: a little more organized, less forgetful, more disciplined, more caring or more patient.

Sometimes we even fall into the trap of thinking we are a certain way even though we aren’t in reality. What is important though is that we recognize these “traps” and not fall into them. Are we really the person we think we are? Am I really a person who likes to spend every evening outside the house partying? I realize I do enjoy staying home so much more that now I you’d need to have a good reason to make me leave the comfort of my home. Or maybe it’s just age hitting me. Whatever it is, I realize I like it this way.

So now a year has past, a year where I have spent almost everyday on this blog and one that I must say has been one of my happiest years. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, about those around me and about the world in which we live. There is still, however, a world still of unkowns for me to explore and discover. There is much I want to do in this lifetime. How has your past year been? How have you changed? What are your thoughts on life? Feel free to share. 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

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