A Changed World

Yesterday morning as I headed out to run amidst the rain, I felt like I wanted to snuggle back into bed and just enjoy sleeping through the rain. Then I turned on the news to watch while I run and saw the devastation in Japan. It’s heartbreaking, but at the same time it is also a humbling experience. It reminds us how fragile our lives are.

Lives could change in matter of minutes. No matter how much you anticipate it, prepare for it, you can never be sufficiently prepared.
Who would imagine that this seemingly harmless “water” could suddenly rise up so high that it would topple buildings, pass the barriers and tumble down upon houses, obliviating all in its path and leaving nothing but a pile of debris and mud. A newspaper today showed a cruise ship balanced ontop of a two or three storey building. It’s not architecturally constructed, yet it happens in real life like it were showing off the force of nature.

And so with this giant of an earthquake in Japan, many lives have been changed forever. Families have been lost, children orphaned, and the elderly separated. Hundreds of thousands are now suddenly homeless and many more are trapped beneath the rubble. News of survivors continues to give us hope.

The world is forever changed after this earthquake. The newspaper today said the earth moved 10cm in its axis, but that’s not what I’m really talking about.

I think the world now will be one that is much more understanding and helpful to each other. Japan has been recieving help from countries near and far and everyone is putting in a helping hand. Afterall, it’s not a matter of what country you are from, what nationality you are, but the fact that we are all human beings on this earth. If we don’t help each other who will? So in the bigger scheme of things, lets all put aside differences. In the end, it won’t really matter at all. We might just all be carried off in one monstrous wave that wipes out the entire mankind. We are that fragile. Yes we are.