Younger now than I was before

When sorting through belongings, sometimes you discover something that reminds you of younger, former days.  Those “good” times you had when you were young.  I recently discovered a picture that reminded of my “older” days. Days when I was “older” than I am now.

It’s funny, when I think about myself now and then, I do feel younger.  I feel more alive and more in tune with life now then I was 10, 15 years ago…  I used to wear long dresses, long sleeved and was always so proper.  I suppose my big size made the matter all the more difficult to dress “young” because it was hard to find clothes that fit.  I got tired of looking for clothes and just wore whatever I could fit.  Now, much lighter,  I can finally dress my age which is wonderful. 🙂

Take a look at the picture!  What do you think? I’m the auntie on the leftmost side.

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