The Trumpet of Health

Ever since I’ve moved house earlier this year, I’ve had the opportunity to see another part of life I had never previously seen.  I now live next to a military base that is also open to the public. Cars pass through in and out to get to the main road on the other side of the base.  Most mornings and evenings that’s the route I’d take.  Unexpectedly though, on a quiet day you can be most certain to hear the sounds of soldiers in training.  Just half an hour ago as I lay on my bed relaxing, a beautiful sound came through the window.  It was the sound of trumpets playing a tune that reminds me of war movies.

It was 9pm.  Like an alarm clock, every evening and not a minute late,  the sound of trumpets playing a tune will echo through the air and flow through all the houses in the surrounding area.  It sounds magical.  If you wake up early, you’re hear the same tunes being played at the wake of dawn.  5am.  These are the times the soldiers wake up each morning and go to bed each evening. 

I have to admit its a healthy lifestyle.  8 hours of sleep everyday.  I wish I could always give myself that, but not being very disciplined, I’m always staying up later than I should.  Not only do these healthy soldiers sleep early and wake up early, they exercise and train all day.

During the mornings, I see troops running and exercising whilst I am just groggily going off to work.   In the late afternoon,  you can hear them march with synchronized shouts of “1,2” in Thai.  It feels and sounds powerful.

Watching and witnessing all this around me, I realize how healthy these soldiers must be to protect our country.  They have to be alert, bodies in top shape.  If not, an out of shape soldier would be hard to imagine running around.

Healthy, is how we all should be.  Of course, most of us probably won’t be able to afford spending all day exercising and training, but if we just slept earlier, woke up a little earlier, and did a little more exercise, how good life would be.  I have yet to sleep by the sound of the trumpet and wake up to its tune.  I wonder though how it will be.  Must be refreshing.  I’d also have an extra hour to go exercise before going to work.   Now my 7am workout is sometimes too close for call.