Relaxing Sundays

It’s Sunday.  Sundays are times for relaxing and as I’ve written before in my post entitled “Lazy Sundays Wanted” its a day I want to just sit back, relax, and plan my week ahead.  Since my post exactly 9 months ago, I’ve been getting alot better at not running around on Sundays.  Still it’s a work in progress and I will have to keep working at it, most probably for the rest of my life.

I have recently realized that sometimes to stop myself from running around doing things on my “To Do List”, I have to make myself go to a coffee shop and relax.  The place of choice is most often Starbucks as its convenient to find on almost any street corner.  Once there, I am away from all the things that distract me from having a good rest.  There’s no messy room for me to keep feeling I have to clean it up.  No boxes left unopened that must be unpacked.  No old exams and bluebooks since college that are just gathering dust waiting for me to throw away.  Mostly importantly, I try not to have back to back appointments that have me running from place to place within only one hour.   I’m learning to “time” myself.  Perhaps certain things can wait until next week. Not everything has to be done today as Alex always reminds me.

Inside I still want it done today, but just because it’s done today doesn’t make it better than being done tomorrow or next week.  (Of course it depends on the task. Some are more important than others. Prioritize)  Sundays, therefore, I try to keep as my “task” free day.  I don’t want to keep doing my “To Do” list.   View it as a mini vacation.  On vacations, we are free from all the errands we have to normally do.

How do you pace and relax yourselves?  What do you do?

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