Pink Blossoms on Your Path

The weather has turned and it is no longer cool and breezy in Bangkok.  The cool wintry air has just vanished just like that.  Instead its hot and humid.  I don’t like this weather and will probably never do.  I wonder if anyone actually likes this weather or that they one day simply get “accustomed” to it like the way one can get “accustomed” to noise.

Anyways, whilst walking to lunch and thinking to myself how awfully hot it is in Bangkok and how I wish I could be somewhere cooler, I walked past a beautiful tree that was full of pink blossoms.  The blossoms fell around me as I walked and in that brief moment I forgot about my complaints and the hot weather.

The flowers were beautiful.  Pink and blossoming.  The wind brought them down and they floated down through the air and onto your hair.  They silently fell onto your path softly sprinkling it in baby pink as if it were icing on a cupcake.  Its hard to miss this path of pink.

The blossoms on the ground remind me of the shortness of their time in the spotlight.  They’d blossom and fall onto the ground in days.  I’m not sure exactly how many days they’d blossom, but they were just scattered all over the ground.  Some stopped and took photos, some picked up blossoms, and others walked by.

The pink blossoms are like life.  Short, beautiful and ephemeral.  All that remains in the end is the impressions left by that short period of time when the flower was in full bloom…