I like, You Like : Peace

I like, you like. We all like different things.  Life is strange, everyone of us like different things. It makes things complicated sometimes, but then it is also the spice of life.   Imagine how monotone and plain everything will be if everyone on earth all liked a particular shade of blue and loved the exact same food.  We would be one big monotonic human race. Boring.

Oftentimes though, we forget that others like different things.  Sometimes we like things done a particular way or like things a certain way to such an extent that we come to think that is “THE” way to do things, the ONLY way.    We’d start thinking, “I like A and B, because of C and D.  And because I think so, it is the best way.  Everyone should like and do it the way I do.  If they don’t, they are making a mistake.”

We get so obessed in our beliefs and so set in our likes we project ourselves onto others, all the while, forgetting that he/she is not like me.  He/She is NOT me.  We get annoyed if they disagree. 

That is not the way it was meant to be.

Each and everyone of us develops his/her own likes and dislikes as we grow older.  To see another person clearly, we should realize that he/she doesn’t have to like the same things as we do.  I mean, even the simplest things like colours can be argued about.  For example, just look at the colour “pink.”  Some like pink, some like dusty pink, some like shocking pink.  There are so many shades and each appealing in different ways.  Some dislike pink altogether and like grey, dark grey, charcoal grey. 

Even colours differ, how can we expect everyone to like the same foods, same books, and have the same ideas as us? 

Love everyone for who they are.  Note and observe their differences, their likes and dislikes and life becomes a lot more fascinating.   It allows us to learn about different things and experience new aspects of life that surround us.  Forget not that he/she is NOT me and that everyone has a right to choose what they like or don’t like.   Bathe in our differences and life will be so much more pleasant.  This world would also be so much peaceful…If only we had world peace.  Peace my friends.