Forgive, Forget, and Move On

The weekend is over and I’ve returned to busy Bangkok after a peaceful weekend in the mountains.  I have to say that when I’m there the days seem longer and the nights more relaxing.  There isn’t any traffic for us to get stuck in and when you wake up, you are greeted by temperatures of 18 degrees celsius.  It’s just sublime.   You feel light as a feather.  You also find yourself when you are there. 

So I found myself a little more this past weekend and a little more I realize who I am.  How can I NOT know myself?  Believe me, I don’t yet fully know “me.”  (By knowing, I mean you truly evaluate all your actions and your thoughts and you know EXACTLY where and why they are the way they are.  I don’t mean your name and your place in life.  That we all know.  I’m talking about a much deeper level of understanding “me.” )  It’s all about understanding the motives, reasoning, and emotions behind our actions.

Once we find and understand ourselves, we can make ourselves a better human being. 

Let’s put it in easy terms.  A reason why many of us gain weight.

For example, when I am stressed I find myself emotionally eating and I shop.  I shop everything.   I eat a lot more than I should and I spend more than I should.  It’s one way of relieving stress.  However, if I never look ‘within’ and discover what is driving me to eat a lot and shop a lot, I would not be able to relieve that stress.  I’d get even more stressed from the weight I gain and stressed from the bills waiting to be paid.  It’s a vicious cycle.

It could be a cycle that eventually blows out of proportions.  It goes like this:   I’m unhappy because I lack something.  I could be lonely.   I’m unhappy so I eat to forget.  Eating is equal to happiness.  Eating drowns out the unhappiness, so I start eating more and more.  My appetite increases. I gain weight.  I starting gaining lots of weight.  I see my weight gain and I get depressed. How can I lose all this weight?  It looks unachievable.  I eat more becaused I’m depressed I’ve gained weight and losing it seems impossible.  I tell myself it’s really nothing.  My weight shouldn’t be an issue.  People should see my “inner beauty.”  I get mad at people who don’t see my “inner beauty.”  I am a great person.  I’m awesome.  I eat more, I gain more weight.   My weight runs out of control.

I could go on and on, but I suppose you know by now where I’m heading.

This year, whether it be for physical or mental health, I ask you to seriously take time out and make some time to find yourself.  Forgive those who have hurt us and forgive yourself for having hurt others.  By doing so, you can move on with life and get a renewed sense of life and energy.  Lose that burden of weight and stress and embrace life. It’s so short.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

Have a blessed year ahead everyone.

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