Skinny Pizza at Fou de Fafa, Singapore

After a night here and a day full of activities and meeting people, I feel myself settling in and getting in pace for the next two weeks.  Being around the business district on weekends can be a bit quiet, almost isolated, but on weekdays there is a whole different energy. There are people walking around each going on their way, each with their own lives.  The energy then settles when we get to dinner time and everyone goes get something to fill their empty stomachs.   This past evening I got to reunite with a good old friend who lives here in Singapore and she introduced me to this new kind of pizza that is currently in trend in Singapore. It’s called “Skinny pizza.”

Now I’ve never heard anything about it, but it sounded delicious. Anything with “pizza” sounds good to me but I have to beware of the cheese that comes with it.  My friend tells me that its pizza made of extremely thin crust topped with vegetables and other toppings of choice.  It wasn’t baked or filled with grilled cheese like normal pizzas.  It was healthy, yet it was a “pizza.”  What a contradiction right?

I had to try it.  We went to this little cafe called “Fou de Fafa.” It’s at the base of Capital Tower Building on Robinson Road.  It’s a little place that is full of colour and unlike the usual cafe.  It has a little bohemian feel to it with painted tables and chairs and in various colours.  Tables come in various sizes, some large, some small and the menu is handwritten on blackboards with funky names.  It’s all healthy with sandwiches and other unique dishes with healthy vegetables.  Hence the name…french is always a good language for restaurants and to be “fou” or crazy for “fafa” or vegetable is always a good thing. I try the specialty “Pizza Fou’d.”  This skinny pizza is actually thin crispy dough with toppings of creative salads.

Perfect.  Perfect for someone who is in search of something healthy yet delicious and not confined to eating the conventional salads.  We order the chicken pizza to share and its huge..for S$20.   It’s the size of a large pizza yet the topping is filled with carefully sliced avocado, rocket salad, tomato and shredded chicken.  A few other things are mixed with it and the sauce blends everything together perfectly.  I love it.

I hear its extremely busy during lunch time which is not suprising, but in the evenings there are only a handful of people.  Perfect for those needing some quiet space.   I feel like I should go back….but there is much to explore here… Thank you for taking me there 🙂 I had a wonderful time and what better place than to go catch up with good friends over a healthy dinner?  See you again soon!

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