Singapore’s Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice

Yes, I’m traveling again.  This time though is not to the incredible pyramids of Egypt or the fish market in Japan.  I’m in Singapore, the Merlion City where much happens in this tiny island of only 274 sq miles (710 sq km).  It’s small yet there is diversity and it is ever changing.  The last time I was here was over three years ago and since then much has changed.  On my way from the airport I saw many new  buildings.  I see construction going on in small roads and corners.  It is a city that is continuing to evolve and develop.  No wonder it is one of the region’s financial centres and has one of the busiest ports in the world.

Whenever I come to Singapore, two things (not including work) always pop into mind:  Shopping and Eating.  Shopping here for certain goods are cheaper than in Bangkok.  Foodwise, I just love certain dishes that cannot be had in the same way in Thailand.  One of those dishes is the Hainanese Chicken Rice.

What’s so special about the chicken here than the ones in Bangkok?  For me, its the tenderness of the chicken.  The chicken here seem to be much meatier and so soft it just blends into the rice.  Chicken rice hmm… They go so well together.  I have it without skin and bone which cuts out more than half of the calories but it is still absolutely delicious.  Probably around 500 calories in total and equal to roughly over an hour of running,  I save my indulgences for only the worthwhile dishes.

There is one place that sells Hainanese chicken which I love in Singapore and its called “Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice.”  Luckily for me its close to my hotel. It takes me only 10 minutes walking to get there.  This place is located in the Maxwell Foodcourt on the corner or Maxwell Road and South Bridge Road.  On the outside it looks just like any other food court, but once you get to Stall No. 10 and 11 (which is Tian Tian) you spot a long line of people waiting for their orders.  Other stalls are quiet in comparison whilst at 5.30pm Tian Tian had a 10 people queue.  The orders are taken very fast though so don’t worry about having a long wait.  Everyone knows his job.

On my first night in Singapore I have chicken rice.  It’s so delicious and I will certainly have more before I go home.  I have also been asked to bring it back to Thailand.  Ordered beforehand, Tian Tian can apparently pack the chicken in a box appropriate for travel.  Wonderful 😀  So if you are craving some chicken in Singapore, I recommend this place… Oh, it’s closed on Mondays so don’t go there.  They also have a website!  Now everything has a website..  Bon appetit!

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