A Daydream

Yesterday I woke up extremely early and it proved to be a wonderful start to the weekend.  I woke up at 5am and was out of the house by around 6am.  My mission was to go horseriding once again up in the mountains not far from Bangkok.  The air was fresh, the grass was clean and the atmosphere just wonderful… Life is lovely and slow here.  Life is healthy.

My friends and I all got on our horses and each rode away to one’s content.  I got to ride “Teacup” this time who was only 4 years old and a beautiful brown colour just like his mother who is sadly now in heaven.  It was good to be surrounded by nature once again far away from the hoards of people in Bangkok.  It’s amazing how life can be so different just a little over an hour’s drive away from Bangkok.

The young girl who owns the stables is only 23 years ago yet she knows what it is she wants and what makes her happy which is wonderful.  Not a lot of people I know really know what is that makes them “happy.”  Oftentimes we strive for things we don’t really want.  When we get it, we aren’t “happy.”

I remember when I first met her earlier this year.  She told me how she had to choose between continuing her competitive horse racing career and her education.  It’s not an easy choice many of us have to decide upon, but she chose her education as she realized that it would enable her to do what she loved.    Having lived in Bangkok before, her parents retired to the moutains of Khao Yai and there she grew in love living with nature.

No longer did she want the busy, hectic and stressful city life that comes with living in Bangkok.  At this age, most people would be enjoying the lights and sounds of city life.  I look around her and realize that she is truly in her own heaven.  Every morning she wakes up to her stable full of horses, surrounded by the green green grass, with a wonderful view of the mountains.  It is truly wonderful.  Happiness can be had from the simplest things.

I daydream and wonder what it would be like to have a little house in the mountains.  What would it be like to live in the midst of nature?  It might sound ideal and pleasant, but in reality would it be as good as it sounds?  Would I miss the sound of the skytrain rumbling pass my window?  To get something, we must give and take… What are you willing to give up for a little more happiness?