Bangkok’s City Line to the Airport

The other day I finally tried the newly opened Airport Link in Bangkok.   Alex and I had to go meet some good friends who were just stopping by, and didn’t want to drive there so we took the train.  The station is within walking distance from my place so its convenient.  Very convenient.  I wonder why I haven’t tried it yet.  All it requires for me to get to the station is a quick 5 minute walk or even less.

The City Line takes you straight to the Suvanabhumi Airport from Phyathai station in less than 30 minutes.  It makes eight stops along the way but its so fast and modern I instantly fall in love with it.  This beats having to drive to the airport by far.  I can just sit there comfortably in my seat and not have to worry about all the cars driving fast on the expressway nor having to find parking once I’m there.  Life is good.

The station is big and spacious and they have escalators all the way so if you have just a cabin bag it should be quite easy to move around.  If you have bigger luggage, you can also take the elevator though I haven’t tried it yet, but did see quite a few signs directing you to the elevator. 

As the City Line travels at an unusually high speed across Bangkok to the airport I feel like I am not in Bangkok. It feels so lovely and modern. It’s clean, its efficient and its so convenient.  We should have had this ages ago, but its better late than never.  No complaints.  Best of all, the promotional fare from Phyathai all the way to the airport is only 15baht until the end of this year! 

However, if you want to take the Express train which takes you to the airport in 15 minutes without any stops, you can get it from the Makkasan station.  The check-in services aren’t open yet though but I heard its around 100thb for those in a rush.

Where does it arrive at the airport?  This was something I had wondered about prior to my trip but upon arrival it was easy to know where you are. There are signs everywhere.  The train enters the airport on the basement level and there are escalators and elevators everywhere.  Wonderful!

Perhaps one day I’ll just take the train to the airport for fun to sit and watch people starting on the journeys or arriving home.  Moments of joy and happiness as they meet loved and set out on a new adventure.