Why Laughing is Good for You

When I was young, I used to take everything seriously. I’d get upset if I go into a store and found an unresponsive salesperson, or one who was too pushy. I’d get upset if someone cuts in line in front of me orders the last few servings of that delicious cake I’d been eying. Being given the dinner bill before asking for it…. All these little things used to make me upset and it’d end up ruining the rest of of day. I’ll go on ranting about my “bad” experience and complain incessantly. My complaining probably annoyed everyone else around me too. Now, I am trying a new approach to everything and it’s working pretty well so far.

I’m just laughing everything off 🙂

Yes, LAUGHING it off with a big grin and a big smile.

Laughing is actually beneficial for your health and we would all benefit if we added a little laughter into our lives. For one thing, laughing is widely believed to reduce stress hormones while increasing the level of endorphins in your brain.

It also increases the number of antibodies which make you stronger. Wonderful stuff this is. Laughing is not only good for your brain, it is also a great way to work those abs and give you a toner stomach. Of course, that would require a lot of laughter so the more workout you want, the more you should laugh! The more you laugh the happier you’ll get!

Another great thing about laughing is that those around you also benefit. I find that laughing is often contagious, so if you lighten up the atmosphere with a little laughter, you’d help reduce the overall stress level around you.

Why don’t you give it a try? Whenever something irks you, just give it a BIG SMILE and LAUGH it off! 🙂 Life will be so much happier. Why should one allow such little things to ruin our day? 🙂 Hehehehehe, hahhahahahaha,……….:P Have a WOnDerFul Day!

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