A Chinese Shrine in Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday when I wrote about the Indian Temple I failed to mention that on the same street is also a wonderful Chinese Shrine for you to visit if you’ve never been to one.  Like other Chinese shrines I’ve been to they have the same distinctive red colour and a pair of dragons lining the entrance.

This shrine, however, too must have been newly renovated and the colours were so vibrant it made you forget that you were anywhere but in China.   I felt as if I had entered another world, away from the traditional Kuala Lumpur.
There were chinese characters everywhere and smoke from the incense swirled up into the air.  I particularly loved the spring shaped incense at this temple. I had never seen them anywhere else and they were hung by the entrance with notes attached to them.  Beautiful.

If you get a chance to walk down the street, stop by the chinese shrine for a little escape into a calm and peaceful world.  It reminds us of how many cultures can survive together in peace.  Imagine on this street in muslim kuala lumpur are both a hindu and chinese shrine coexisting in harmony.  If only our world was always like this.


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