The Power of Words

Words can have powerful meaning and effect on people.   Of course we all know that its the “actions” that count and not the “words”, but don’t underestimate the power of choosing and saying the right “words.”  Words are a form of communication that is irreplaceable.  Afterall, it is how we humans communicate to one another.

There are those who speak without thinking and just say whatever comes to mind.  There are those who speak from their emotions and those who choosing their words wisely before speaking.   There are those who speak a certain way and use words to try and gauge your reaction to a certain topic and those who twist your words around.

Words in effect are a reflection of the person we are.

If we always use negative words which emphasize how horribly tragic our life is and miserable it is, it can have an adverse effect on our brain.  Everyday, we’ll be infused with words describing the sorry state of our lives.  Everyday we tell ourselves how horrible and sad our life is.  Then of course, our life will be just that. Tragic, sad, and horrible.

However, if we use positive words daily and say words that are “positive” and see things from a positive point of view, you’ll realize that life isn’t all that bad.  What you previously complained about could be much better than the alternative.  There is always a good and bad side to every thing.  Just find the good side and talk about it.  You’ll feel much more positive and happy.

Now, its not only choosing negative and positive words that matter. What also matters is how the words come across to the person listening to you.  Some people are a lot more sensitive than others.  Some grab onto that “word” that was said and brood about it for days on end.  Some just brush it aside and forget about it.

Some phrases or comments stick to you no matter how long ago it was said.  You feel like the words were thrown on your face.  Some people spend a lifetime with a “word” or phrase stuck at the back of their mind.  Words that were said to them decades ago out of anger or fury.  It’s unhealthy and definitely not good for the soul.  Words shouldn’t be stuck inside like a growing cancer.

And its these little things called “words” that can cause wars and disagreements.  They are all so important.  So just becareful before you say anything.   Although not sharp like a sword, words can pierce through your heart and forever leave a mark.

Be positive, use positve words and don’t leave a scar 🙂

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