The Flying Lizard


The Flying Lizard

Here’s just a light story to liven up your Sunday. This past weekend, I had a mildly traumatic experience. To some it might just be considered as “nothing” and pushed aside, but for me it was something that frankly gave me goosebumps and an overactive imagination for the rest of the night.

I had returned to sleep in my old bedroom that I had inhabited in my younger days. Everything was fine until I turned on the airconditioner that was up high on the ceiling. It’s regularly cleaned and everything works just wonderful. I set the temperature and lay down on my bed ready for a relaxing night.

Then out of the blue, in the corner of my eye, I spotted something white floating down through the air. At first I thought it was perhaps some tissue or some dust. Nevertheless, my reflexes took over and I quickly ducted out of the way for fear of having anything falling on my head, no matter how light it is.

I literally jumped out of bed and onto my feet, waving my hair around like a mad woman to make sure that I didn’t have anything on it. Upon regaining my composure, I looked over at my bed and went towards that “white” thing lying on my bed. It was a tiny little blob, yet it didn’t look like a tissue, dust, or anything I knew. Then suddenly, I realized what it was.

The skeleton of the house lizard (jingjok).

It was completely intact and its skeletal skull was pointing directly at me, as if the lizard was still alive and look straight at me. I gave out a cry and rushed out of the room. Help was needed to get rid of this lizard corpse. I don’t like lizards, not live ones, and definitely not dead ones. I realize they eat insects and are quite harmless, but the squishy soft and see-through body makes me squirm. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

 Some scream at cockroaches and mice. I don’t. I scream at falling house lizards. Ekk! We all have our “fears.” No matter how composed one can be most of the time, I’m sure there must be something that really gets us jumping off our feet. What’s triggers you? 🙂

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