Hari Raya Mozz Cato Cookies

Mozz Cato Cookies

Happy Hari Raya Day!! 🙂 Today is a special day in the islam world and I have only recently learnt what it means.  Every year on my calendar, I would see that all the islam countries would have this day off a national holiday but I never understood its significance until my previous trip to Malaysia.  Today is the end of Ramadan and it is a big celebration.

From my understanding, it is a bit like Christmas.  Family members gather together for the Friday prayer.  There is a special prayer for the end of Ramadan and all those who attend, dress up in their best traditional clothes.  It’s a time for celebration.

Shops are filled with shoppers buying gifts and special delicacies are cooked up for the celebration.  Family members from around the country unite together.  Prisoners are released from jail as acts of good faith.  It is a day of celebration and good deeds.

On my visit there, my friend bought me these wonderfully delicious traditional cookies. The cookies were made fresh with these wonderfully buttery flour stuffed with carameled pineapple inside.   They were just lovely bite sized and melted in your mouth (not in your hands.)  The pineapple stuffing gave it a slight sweet taste, but it wasn’t too sticky or chewy. 
I’ve had some cookies before which were of the same kind with pineapple stuffing, but the flour was always too hard and the pineapple so hard that it stuck to your teeth.

Anyways, if you’re looking for something to bring home, I recommend these cookies from Mozz Cato.  They are available at Parsons department store.  They also have other kinds of cookies and they were all equally delicious with lovely packaging.  I wish I had brought some more back home! 🙂