Why Me, Why Me…..Why Not Me?

There is so much to write about KL I could keep going on for weeks and weeks, but like all things, we need some variety in life.  A story I recently heard of a man who had been suffering from an illness has been going through my head for quite awhile now and its time I wrote something about it.  It goes like this:  “Why me, why me?”…and then “Why not me?”

What on earth am I saying?  Well, if you think about it, when we complain about things that happen to us and all the injustices of this world, we always like to ask ourselves, “Why me?”   Why was I so unlucky?  Why am I so poor? Why didn’t that miracle happen to me? Why didn’t I get the handsome dude, or the pretty girl?  Why did I get hit on the head? Why did I get this illness?  Why did I have to suffer? Why, why and why? 

We don’t know “why” and will probably never find out “why.” 

All we know is that we dearly want to find out.  We use up a considerable amount of our energy asking ourselves the questions that start with “Why me?” but there is no answer.

The story tells us to instead rephrase the question and ask ourselves:  “Why not me?”

We are all human beings on this earth together.  Anything could happen to either one of us. If not you, then me.

The truth is that whatever happens is all part of life.  Sometimes shit happens. Shit hits the fan.  There are things beyond our control and we just have to accept it.  The trick is to just look forward and see how we can solve the problem or make the situation better.  Don’t waste precious energy pondering over a question that you will never be able to answer.

No one can answer “why” things “happen” to you and not others.  We just have to take matters into our own hands and control what we can.  What we can’t, we just have to accept it as part of life and move on.   Ask not “Why me,” but “Why not me.”

For that is the journey of “life.”  There are bad times and there are good times.  Simple isn’t it? 🙂

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