Malaysia’s Chinatown: Petaling Street Beef Noodles

Egg noodles with chilli

Happy Weekend!  It’s been one week since I went to KL, gosh time goes fly by fast.   If you are in KL, a fun street to go walk around is “Jalan Petaling.”  It’s the main walking street in KL’s Chinatown.  It reminds me somewhat of Khaosan road with all the roadside stalls selling everything you could possible want from brand name bags to sunglasses.  It’s a fun walk. 

 Just outside the entrance to Jalan Petaling though is a local “Beef noodle” soup pllace called “Shin kee.”  Housed in a pale yellow shop house it’s a tiny space crammed with chairs and tables and you have to move for others to get out, but the food is worth it.  As in Thai noodle shops, you have a choice of having the noodle with soup, or without, with just beef balls or with also sliced beef. 

The shop front

 At first I had the noodles with soup and it was just aromatic and delicious.  The egg noodles are slightly fatter and have a different texture to that in Thailand.  I like it.  Interestingly, it’s served with the Malaysian Chilli Sauce!  I seem to find it everywhere.  

To get the full flavor of the chilli, I ordered a second dish and had it without soup.  So it was basically the yellow egg noodles with chilli.   If you want a side dish of the beef balls with soup, you can also ask them for one.  

 I loved the noodles with chilli sauce.  It felt to me like having spaghetti but instead of with olive oil and dried chilli, its served with the Malaysian chilli.  It’s abit like sundried tomato paste but a little spicy. 

 This Shin Kee beef noodle soup is a great place to stop by and have a light lunch.  It’s only 6 to 8 ringgit (60-80thb) per dish!  Bon Appetit! 😀 

Petaling Walking StreetBeef balls and sliced beef noodle with soup