Travel to New Places

There is something about traveling that always makes me feel light and happy.    I love booking tickets for a trip, no matter how short the trip.  I love the anticipation of going away.  It makes me “happy” and I find myself in a deightful mood.  Sometimes it’s good to just get out of your normal routine and venture out to the unknown and discover a new place.   It excites your brain and gives it new life.

Yesterday, I ventured out to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  I hopped on the low cost Air Asia which was pleasantly ontime (despite rumours that it’s always on delay).  I had pre-ordered food and booked my seat in advance so I had absolutely a great flight.  No one sat next to me and I was towards the front of the plane.  The food was not bad for airplane quality and their Nasi Lemak (Malaysian dish of coconut rice with chilly, fish, and peanuts) was quite delicious and tasty.

I felt happy and satisfied.  I don’t need much on a plane.  Just a comfortable seat and some food to fill me up.   The ride was smooth and fast.  Two hours later and I’m already in a new country.   I wonder why I didn’t come here before or do this more often.

Although it’s so close to Bangkok, I have never been to KL, and it’s the unknown that is always exciting. What will the country be like?  What will the people be like?  How do they live?  What is their culture? 🙂 I have Malaysia friends and met many Malaysians, but you don’t really understand someone until you see them in their home country.

Afterall, we are who we are because of our country and our culture.  After a night here, I already am starting to understand it a bit more…  Today I will go out and be the “tourist.”

I’ll be back on Sunday with pictures and more insights 🙂 Until then, have a good weekend!  Try going somewhere new this weekend!

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