Taking a “Break”

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 It’s important to listen to our bodies and know when to take a break and when to ignore it and keep on exercising.  Although it’s wonderful if you are managing to keep a fit schedule of exercise three times a week and an active lifestyle, don’t over push yourself when you are ill.  If you come down with a flu or get ill, don’t be so hard on yourself.  Give your body a break.

Give it a break when it needs it.  Not when the “mind” needs it. 

I know myself that I get lazy and tend to want to stop running or going to the gym, so I make myself go by telling myself  “No excuses.”   I make myself get up and go.   It works wonders.  I go to the gymn and I exercise.   I feel wonderful. 

Sometimes though, I tell myself  “No excuses” even when I need to stop and just let my body rest.   I catch myself not yet fully recovered yet I want to go so that I am still on schedule.  It becomes a little obsession that I have to make my quota of at least twice a week. 

As with anything, it’s best not to be obessed.  As Buddhism teaches us, follow the “middle-path.”  Do everything in moderation.   Make the experience enjoyable and fun.  If your body is telling you to “stop”, stop and let it rest for a bit.   However, make sure it’s not just an excuse to stop exercising !! 

Take a “break” if your body needs it. Just make sure it isn’t a permanent break.  Make a schedule of when to start getting back on track to exercise after you’ve fully recovered.  Don’t let your exercise stop for more than a week.  This way, you can sustain being “healthy!” 

Happy running!  (I went running already since my recovery and will continue to do so!)

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