Cured by “Soup”

Everytime I get ill, I am told that having “soup” is good for me.  A nice big pot of home-brewed soup simmers away on the stove filled with all the goodness of vegetables, some chicken, or minced pork.  The aroma of fresh soup fills the air and before I know it, a large bowl of delicious and healthy soup stands before me.

I am given nothing but a variety of soups to eat during my “flu” and it doesn’t matter for how long it lasts.  Three times a day for as long as it takes, I am to have “soup.” 

I do admit though that “soup is good for the soul.” 

The warm soup, warms up the ill body and leaves it feeling good.  Steam from the soup helps clear up our congested nose, chest and throat.  Of course you could do it with just plain steam, but it’s so much more satisfying with delicious soup! Don’t you think?

Not only that, all the goodness of vegetables which are nutrient packed with a bit of carbohydrates help give us much needed energy.   Healthy food, after all, equals healthy body. 😀

What kind of soup to have?  Well, traditionally we always hear about “chicken soup” but I find that any kind of  “soup” works well.  In Thailand, I have the Thai version with minced pork and a variety of fish balls.  Carrots and tomatoes are switched to local produce and the results are just as satisfying.  Add a bit of vermicelli or egg noodles for carbohydrates 🙂

So have “soup. ” It’s good for the soul 😀

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2 thoughts on “Cured by “Soup”

  1. I make 1 homemade soup with prep time of 1 hour and cooking for 2 every Sunday… and have for years now… and eat it as my main meal for 1/2 the following week, until I get tired of it, put the rest in the freezer and take out a different leftover soup from a different week… I love soup too!! Bravo on your post!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love having soup also, there are so many different kinds one can make and its great for staying healthy! 🙂

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