Happy Mother’s Day! :D

The day of our Beloved Queen’s Birthday today, it is also Mother’s Day in Thailand. Everyone is out and about town taking mothers out to have a fabulous day and a good meal. With the long weekend here, many also take the opportunity to go out of town. This morning, the roads out of Bangkok were jammed pack with cars heading out of town, but since the afternoon the roads around my place have turned peacefully quiet. It takes me only 30 minutes to travel roughly 20 km. Paradise.

It’s a good day this mother’s day.

It’s a good day not only because there’s no traffic, but also because it’s a day full of good feelings. It’s a day when children all over Thailand take the time to tell their mothers how much they really love them. It’s a day when mothers wake up smiling and go to bed with a warm heart.

Days like these help remind us of what’s important in life. Sometimes, as we grow older, have more responsibilities and move on with our lives, we forget to “Thank” those closest to us and show them our appreciation. We assume they know how we feel and how grateful we are for all they have done for us.

Nevertheless, it’s always reassuring and music to the ears to actually hear those words being said out loud. Why else would mother’s all over Bangkok be feeling especially happy today?

Imagine what it would be like if everyday was mother’s day. Tell those around you how much you really care and love them before it’s too late. It’s the little words and actions in life that really make a difference. Words and actions that warm the heart. Act like everyday is mother’s day. 🙂

I love you Mom.

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