Lin Fa Dim Sum

Everyone is looking forward to the approaching long weekend. With only one working day left, the air is light and the mood at the office is filled with joy. Sounds of laughter and happiness fill the air as some unexpectedly find out we also get Friday off.

It’s a long weekend that seems to kick off the year end season of festivities. Our Beloved Queen’s Birthday is also Mother’s Day in Thailand. It’s a time when families reunite and say “thank you” to their mother for all she has done and sacrificed over the years. Without our mothers, none of us would be where we are today.

Another occasion to celebrate! In my family, we always enjoy a little dimsum for lunch and special occassions. One of our favorites is at the Lin Fa Restaurant at the Siam City Hotel. It’s an old restaurant that has been around for decades and famous for it’s chinese food. I’ve been there so many times and each time never fails to delight me.

I went again a few months ago after they had newly renovated the restaurant and I must say the new decor is definitely pleasing to the eye. I love the way the interior is chinese yet modern. It feels traditional, yet it’s not dry nor gives you the feeling you are eating at a restaurant that belongs to the previous generation. It belongs in this modern era of iphones and blackberry.

The colours are simple shades of grey, black contrasted with a few walls of bright yellow. In dark corners, a beautiful chinese chair is polished with yellow. Bright red orchids catch your eye.

Rooms are divided by using a mixture of wooden boxes, placed graphically. I feel like I’m looking at a modern graphic design. The square boxes are offset by the round lines of the chinese lantern and the chairs. Bigger walls are separated by use of pierced metal, each varying in design. There is probably a specific name for them, but I know not what to call them. Not only do they divide the rooms, but they also sparkle when soft light reflect off them.

At the far back wall, there is a shelf of antique chinese statues. I love it. I love everything about the design. I love the contrast you get with the colours and the contrast between the square lines and round circles. They go so well together.

Not only is the decor beautiful, but the food and service are equally good. They have these all-you-can eat dimsums for only around 490thb. (It’s around that, but check the price again before you go. Don’t forget to make a reservation!) The set comes with your choice of unlimited dimsum, salapao, a choice of soup, a choice of noodles, and a dessert of your choice.

I have to warn you though, the dimsum here are all large sized, so just a few pieces of your favorite dimsum is more than enough to fill you. The noodle portions they give for one are also so large, they could be easily be shared by two. I skipped ordering mine and went straight for dessert.

I also love the fact that I can just walk down to the restaurant 😛 It’s that close.. Okay, I think I’m starting to feel hungry, so I’d better stop before I go open the fridge and grab something to eat. 😛 Happy Dim Sum!

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