More than "Words"

A few years ago, I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Something I learnt from that book was that your choice of words is important. Not just for communicating to other people, but more importantly to yourself. It is an important determinant of the person you are and the person you will become.

An example the book uses is this: Instead of saying you “cannot” afford something, instead say “how can I afford this?”

Both phrases indicate that, at present, the person saying it has limited budget. What differs is the effect it has on your mind. Saying you “cannot” afford something, closes you to opportunities, closes you to new ideas. You mentally stop yourself from getting that something throughout your lifetime because you simply “cannot” afford it.

However, if you instead said, “How can I afford this?” You would start thinking of new ideas, and new possiblities. What activities, what can you do, to “afford” that which you don’t have? Just changing the sentence around, gives you new motivation.

Sportmans use this too I believe. The other day, upon winning The 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews, Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa said “I felt confident all week.” He told himself he was confident and he was. He won.

I suppose its something like attitude. The words you use reflect your character and how you think. So if you use positive and encouraging words, you will be. If you keep saying to yourself that you are not deserving of something, you won’t be. If you say you cannot do something, you won’t be able to.

Words ain’t just words. They’re more than “Words.” Use them well.

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