The Black One

At my usual driving range, there is a black dog that walks around greeting all the regulars. He sniffs your golf bag and if he recognizes the smell, starts wagging his tail. He’s the driving range’s Public Relations Officer.

Some dogs are just good. He’s one of them.

I usually don’t play with strange dogs I don’t know in case it’s aggressive and decides to taste a bit of my blood. This black dog is different. I call him the “black one.”
After a few visits there, he made a friendly approach. He walked right up to me with a big grin and a wagging tail. Not demanding anything, he just sat by my chair and at one point decided to just lie down next to my matt looking out towards the green driving range as I hit a few balls.

He must be a happy dog. All day he has people coming around and greeting him. Not a bark nor a growl has been heard. (Not whilst I was there anyways)
This evening I watched him walk from one matt to the other. Golfers would temporarily stop their practice and give him a little pat, or a little rub on the back. He’d raise his paw and give a high five in gratitude.

He came towards me. I too stopped my practice and gave him a litle neck rub. He stopped still, his eyes closing as if he was about to fall asleep. When I stopped, he would give me a little nudge with his muzzle to continue. Not pushing it too hard, but just enough to let you know that he wanted more.
Dogs really are wonderful. They are good for the heart.

No matter how bad or awful your day was, they are always there to greet you with a wagging tail. No complaints are heard, no demands, no expectations. They are just happy to see you and get a good neck rub or a little treat. They go crazy over a little treat or a juicy bone. Or a bit of ice to cool them down.
Positive little beings. Its no wonder we love dogs.

Happiness can be achieved from even the tiniest things such as a neck rub. (Provided you have food and shelter) I suppose if we humans were like that too, we’d be happier beings. Enjoying the little moments of life, a treat or a juicy bone, or perhaps just a little neck rub.
What more could you want in life? Happiness is internal.
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