That Which is "Perfect"

In our daily lives, we sometimes use the word “Perfect” to describe something that went well, or something that suits what we want. “That suit is perfect on you.” “That idea is perfect.” In life, we look for the “perfect” job, the “perfect” spouse, or the “perfect” house.

What is really “perfection” though? To be perfect for you or perfect for me? That perfect house for you, with the big kitchen and the study room might be “perfect” for you if you enjoy cooking and have a preference for books and working in the study room.

However, if you don’t cook, buy ready-to-eat food and basically just use the microwave all the time, will that house with the big kitchen be perfect for you? You might prefer to have more space for a pool table. The study room isn’t necessary, you’d rather have a swimming pool. In this case, one house is perfect for one person but not for the other.

What is the perfect man or the perfect woman? Do they exist? The perfect man, might be one who is educated, has a job with a reasonable income, healthy, a “good” person, has a good family. Some might require more: he might need to have a large house, a good car, and a family fortune on which to fall on.

Therefore, “perfect” in itself is neverending. More criteria can always be given to find the “perfect” man or the “perfect” woman. You might add, that he must not have a family history of baldness, cancer, be loyal, or never been ill in his life…

“Perfection” therefore is really infinite. There is no end to “perfect.” More criteria can always be found.

So what is “Perfect” then?

Is it preferences? Not really, then we’d just use the word “preference.”

A definition I really like though is one by Aristotle. Perfection according to him is:
1. which is complete — which contains all the requisite parts;
2. which is so good that nothing of the kind could be better;
3. which has attained its purpose

So perfection therefore is one which is complete. 2) and 3) can really be considered subsets of 1) for if 3) is true and the house serves our purpose, then 2) would also hold true.

What do you think is “perfect?” Does perfection really exist?

Is this a “perfect” world in which we live? Are we living the “perfect” lives with the “perfect” job and the “perfect” house?

Or is “perfection” really all just a dream to remind us of the “imperfections” so we can strive to be “perfect?”

Eat at Kuu Restaurant

It’s the weekend, the time when we get to rest our tired souls after a long and hectic work week. What best to write about than good places to eat? Oh the little joys we get from eating and sleeping. I love Japanese food, so a lot of my eating choices tend to be Japanese, with my latest discovery being the restaurant called “Kuu.”

Although “Kuu” means a moon goddess in Finnish, in Japanese it translates to ” to eat,” and what can be a more appropriate name for a restaurant where your main purpose is to eat?

The restaurant is decorated in a modern style of grey and dark brown. Very hip. It easily feels like you are sitting in an expensive modern style restaurant, yet the pricing is reasonable. It costs the same as other Japanese chain restaurants, yet I find the ambiance and food of higher quality. The tables aren’t too closely placed so you have your space without having to worry about being too close to your neighbour. The service is friendly and helpful.

What about the food then? I thought the food was wonderfully delicious and a great deal for the price. The shrimp tempura was a crispy and the shrimps enormous. They are easily over 15 cm long! I also had some grilled chicken ball (I forget the name) that came on a skewer and it was full of texture and bite. Yummy..

For my main dish, I had the Tonkatsu with curry set. I loved the fact that the pork was not soaking in oil and full of fat. It was good quality lean pork. The curry was full of flavour and the beef tender. My set came with steamed egg, soup, and a side salad. Ice cream was also included in the set lunch.
Attention is paid to every detail. You can tell that the owner or owners put much care into this restaurant. My friends commented on how they liked the little wooden spoon with which the ice-cream is served and the glasses had their logo. It’s always the little things that make a difference.

A friend of mine, who does not easily like any kind of food or restaurant easily, gave it her approval. The restaurant passed her test. Although a Thai chain, it can easily fool you into being Japanese. I had it at Central Pinklao which is near to my office, but you can also find it at the hip and happening K-Village.

Itadakimasu! 🙂