Beckham the Horse

Here’s just a light story about my horse riding trip last weekend by the mountains outside of Bangkok. When we got there, we were each assigned different horses according to our horse riding experience. Usually, I’d opt for the old mare that was 12 years old and extremely calm. Being this age, I don’t particularly want to fall off and break any bones. It’ll take awhile for my bones to repair.

This time I was to ride the notorious “Beckham” which is a stallion (a male horse over 4 years that has not been castrated). I’ve seen this horse at work before and he can be a stubborn one. Energetic and ready to canter at a moment’s notice.

Beckham’s character came out the minute I set hands on him. Getting ready to hop onto the saddle, I suddenly saw his leg rise up and move towards me. His hoof almost to my legs. He was trying to stop me from getting on the saddle! He certainly knew what he wanted, and didn’t want. He knew how to intimidate.

That wasn’t all.

I was told that he liked to “bite.” I thought to myself, “It should be alright since I won’t be putting my hands anywhere near his mouth.” He was nibbling now and then, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then whilst enjoying the view and the fresh air, out of the corner of my eyes, I saw his head turn.

Little did I know that out of the blue, he’d turn his head to give my feet a little nibble!!
Did you know horses bite?? I didn’t. I never got nibbled before. It was an experience to remember. He didn’t get me, but to just imagine a horse trotting along, suddenly turn his head for a nibble somehow makes me laugh.

I just thought it was a funny experience I’d like to share with you 🙂 Getting nibbled by a horse! He is certainly full of character. I miss him.

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