"Just Do It"

Today I celebrate my 100th blog post. I look at the number and I do feel somewhat amazed, pretty much like how when I lost weight. I suppose a lot in things in life require you to “Just Do It.” Do it without worrying too much about the outcome, do the best you can, but do it.

I used to hear the Nike slogan “Just do it” all the time, but I the true meaning of the slogan never really hit me. Of course you can “just do it,” and then what?? Sports stars filled the adverts with their success. Products everywhere… to me, it was just another advertisment, and advertisements are everywhere. Overpowering your senses.

Having been on this path to a healthier me for about a year now I comprehend the slogan more as I find myself saying the phrase “Just do it” more and more often. It requires a lot of self motivation to be healthy and maintain the healthy lifestyle.

The lazy side always wants to give in. When I run on the treadmill and a battle ensues in my mind between the runs and runs not, I have to command myself “Just Do It.”

When I go horse riding and am presented with a horse that is somewhat disobedient and full of character, I have to tell myself to “just ride it.” The horse intimidates me as it tries to kick me off my saddle or takes a nip at my feet. I tell myself “No, I am not intimidated.” The horse can sense who it can disobey and who it can’t. I want to ride this intimidating horse. If I never try, I’ll never know how it feels, so I’ll “just do it.” I discover its more fun than the quiet horse.

If I don’t just tell myself to “Just Do It,” I might just end up thinking and over-analyze everything without really getting anything done. I might spend months contemplating about how best to lose weight, when I should exercise, when I should be healthy.

Truth of the matter is, if I don’t “Just Do It.” I won’t ever have done it. So it’s better to just do it and know 🙂 Then you can say: “Been there, done that.”

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