Fromage, je t’aime

This past evening, I went to a Wine and Cheese event at a newly opened hotel in Bangkok, the Renaissance hotel. The event was organized to promote all the imported wines and cheeses of France and there were plenty of goods for you to try and buy.

The organizers did a lovely job of creating a “French” atmosphere. There were enlarged paintings of Montmarte, the Eiffel Tower and even a human statue standing around. Kiosks selling French souvenirs stood by the entrance and one could even get their picture sketched.

Nevertheless, being dinner time, the guestlist which numbered hundreds quickly filled the room. Everyone rushing to the stalls to fill their empty stomachs with a selection of the finest foods: foie gras, pate, salami, various types of cheese and chocolate, oysters, mussels, and salmon were all available.

Wine lovers gathered in front of the wine stalls, filling up their empty glasses with various kinds of red and white wine. Free flow for all.

If you particularly liked anything, you could also buy it at a wholesale price. Absolutely wonderful… I got myself a little round Camembert 😛

The food list sounds unhealthy and awful for anyone on a diet. However, my advice to anyone on a diet is to not completely stop yourself from having a few treats now and then. What good is all that exercise if you can’t enjoy yourself now and then? It’s okay to have a bite or two of that cheese and foie gras. Just don’t do it too often and realize the consequences. Moderation is the key. Have what you like, in controlled portions.

I had a few cubes of blue cheese that I love, camembert, salmon, chocolate and wine. Cheese also has benefits despite its reputation for being a “forbidden” food and one disastrous to your waistline.

Cheese is a wonderful source of calcium, protein, phosphorous and fat. The British Cheese Board in 2005 also conducted a study with results showing how cheese can promote good sleep with its tryptophan amino acid which supposedly relieves stress!

Okay, so cheese has benefits, but don’t fool yourself, remember that it is also high in FAT. 🙂 Have a little slice and savour the flavours. It can be a wonderful treat. Cheese is too wonderful to be taken off my eating list. 🙂 However, tomorrow morning I shall have to rise early and get myself to the gym before heading off to work.

Eat everything, eat in moderation and exercise!
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