Gossip girls…

I’ve been watching “Gossip Girls” and the series is really quite fascinating. Okay, so its a teenage series about high school students who go through different experiences together, good and bad, but in the end they all grow up. There’s something to be learnt from the series.

The characters vary from the spoiled “Queen” who goes around getting everything done the way she wants, playing games and tricks on people, and is an overal horrible girl to be on the wrong side with. There is the light, less uptight best friend who is just so natural and lively she shines wherever she goes. There are the “wannabes” who want to fit in and will do just about anything to get some attention. There are those who “tried” and discovered that being the “it” girl isn’t all that good. There’s the down-to-earth family who has strong moral values and believe life isn’t all about just ‘money’ and ‘glamour.’ There are the cons who come with lies and find their way into society. There is the mother who is still in search of her life after having had 4 marriages.

It’s a crazy series of couples all switched up, people breaking up, getting back together, falling in love…etc.. portraying quite a messed up little corner of the upper east side.

Yet at the same time, inside all these messed up people you see how they are really all just human beings like us. Each needing love and attention with some form of goodness inside of them. Sometimes they just act like the nasty ‘bitch’ to hide or runaway from something that’s missing in their life. Sometimes, putting down others just makes them feel better. So insecure that a ‘mask’ is required to hide all that is going on inside… Some just couldn’t care less.

Everyone goes through different experiences in life that make them turn out the way they do. There is a reason for every action. It’s fascinating. It makes me wonder when I meet people….what kind of experiences have they gone through? What have they been through in life? Are you strong on the inside as you are on the outside?

You wouldn’t know unless you were really them….but then, that’s what life is all about right? Experiences and diversity… As an old saying goes: “Don’t judge the book by its cover.”

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