Let loose..

Most often, as we get older and go through life working, we forget what it is to be the “child” inside. Responsibilities make us serious, work harder and sometimes we just forget to play. We grab and hold onto certain ideals and thoughts because they make us feel “safe.”

We feel “safe” because we know the outcome. We are afraid to make decisions that are out of our “comfort zone” and involves the unknown. The adventurous person inside of us disappears. (Of course not everyone is like this, some remain adventurous no matter how old they are. Lucky them!)

We start defining our preferences. I like plain water without ice, I don’t like cream on cakes, I prefer dark chocolate, I like my steak medium rare, I like my pasta al dente, I like orange colored light, I like quiet surroundings, I like nature… I like… I like…

We also start defining what we dont like. I don’t like loud noises, I don’t like people who change lanes without signalling, I don’t like waiters who bring me the check without being asked, I don’t…

The list starts getting longer and longer. By the time I retire, I bet my lists will fill up an entire page.

Practicing golf the other day, made me think about how if we hold onto our “lists” or our “ideals” too tightly, we might end up messing up everything and losing all that we actually want.

How? When hitting golf, I sometimes fear losing the golf club. (When I was young, I once had a baseball bat fly out of my hand into the unfortunate crowd of people behind!) As a result, I unconsciously grip the golf club so hard for fear it’ll fly out of my hands.

However, with golf if you hold your grip too tightly, your swing gets completely distorted and you end up hitting the ball completely wrong. You’ve lost your chance at hitting a hole-in-one.

You have to hold the club like you are holding eggs. That light.

It’s the same with life. If you hold onto your ‘ideas’ ( what I “like”, what I “don’t like”, what I think is “good,” what I think is “bad”) …..and try to make everything around you fit to the way you want it to turn out, then you could risk losing everything you want.

You lose sight of all the pleasures that life brings you. You end up focused on categorizing things into lists of “likes” and “don’t likes.” Your fear of the unknown closes you to new possibilities.
New possibilities of happiness and adventures you never thought possible.

So relax your grip, hold onto you life a little less light and swing without fear of losing the golf club. It might make life just that little bit more fun instead of having to be all serious and acting “appropriate” all the time. I’m bored of being an adult. I want to be a child for a day. Can I change my status?

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