Little Hopes

A few weeks ago a relative told me a very sweet story about a little bird nesting high up in the trees in her backyard. There is something about hopes of a new life that bring with it so much joy to whoever witnesses it. Faces smile and positive energy radiate out. Gone were all the worries and concerns we usually carry with us from work.

For a brief moment in time, energy focused on the the little nest, the birds nesting in it, and the little eggs. Bird behaviour becomes a new focus of fascination. We end up sitting quietly by watching the mother (or father) fly back and forth and then spending time nesting over the eggs. The little eggs become a part of our life and bring with it ‘hope.’

“Hope” which comes with the birth of new baby bird. “Hope” that life will continue. “Hope” that all will turn out well and be as we wish for it to be.

Sometimes though, life lets us down.
A few days ago, I was told the sad news that the little birds would no longer be. The parents had been absent from the nest for a few days and who knows what had happened to the eggs. My relative dare not look at the eggs for fear of what she might find. Perhaps a stolen or broken egg. Whatever it is, the birds shall no longer be.

Hopes get dashed. No little birds will be there flying around for us to sit and watch. It’s a sad fact, but we cannot force nature. Nature can surprise us with all its beauty and fascinating creations, but it can also let us down sometimes.

The trick is to not let it get to us. We get let down, our hopes get dashed, but we just all have to get up and keep moving on with our lives. The parent birds will lay more eggs and build a new nest. However unlucky this time, doesn’t guarantee that the next time will be so. The next batch of eggs might just hatch into the most beautiful little birds! 🙂 If you don’t keep moving, you’d never find out…
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