The Secret Garden

Another newly discovered attraction I stopped by yesterday was called “Talad Nam Klang Dong” which literally translates to a “Floating Market in the Middle of the Forest” and that is exactly what it is.

Hidden not too far off the main road, I walked into an unexpected space. It took me back to the “Secret Garden.” A hidden space that is known only to those who enter.
The area was lush with vegetation, flowers and offset by souvenir and coffee shops. The shops were on the artistic side, selling unique design peices. A great place for those who like things a bit on the creative side. Wooden painted signs showed the way. Most importantly, even during the mid-day sun, it didn’t feel hot at all.
We were short for time so we just had a quick 15 minute tour of the place but I like what I saw. It’s somewhere you can just go for a relaxing afternoon away from people. Different types of sitting areas for you to choose from, food for you to eat, and even a little thai massage area for you to relax.

They even have a resort in an adjacent area which is supposedly very nice too, but I have yet to go see it.

Another nice little spot for you to stop by if you happen in the Khao Yai area 🙂

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