Horses fear not

Oh it feels wonderful to be surrounded by nature.. The air is fresh and you can hear the sounds of nature. Birds and wildlife going about their business. Frogs croaking, insects calling out each other. No sounds of ambulances rushing by nor skytrains rolling past. No one misses them.

Most wonderful of all, you can hear yourself think. Your senses are rejuvenated.

This morning I went for an early morning horse ride around the countryside. We rode pass corn fields, potato fields, yellow dalia flowers… The view was to die for. The horses brought us a step closer to nature.

We don't have to rely on oil to travel. All we have to depend on is loving care of these horses. Horses that are smarter than you think.

Horse riding is a great sport for knowing and exploring your own mind. It enhances self awareness. How? For one thing, horses have a sixth sense. They can sense how you feel.

Fear is instantly recognized. If you fear, you lose control of your horse which has a mind of it own. If you are easily surprised or scared, your horse will be likewise and could jump from a little bit of unexpected noise. To ride, you have to overcome your own fears.

Fears that may be stopping you and your horse from getting to your destination. Fears that hinder your path. Instead, enjoy the breeze flowing through your hair as you ride by golden fields surrounded by deep blue mountains. Yeee ha!!!

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