Back to Nature

Today I left the hectic bustle of Bangkok to relax in the mountains of Khao Yai. Only around 140km from Bangkok I wonder why I don't take short trips more often. It feels wonderful to just leave the concrete jungle and immerse yourself with nature.

Trees line the road to the Kirimaya Resort and once you enter, you feel like you are in another world. The place is so peaceful and the interior in tune with nature.

Wooden doors and a beautiful wooden walkway above water features greet you. Water plants of different varieties emerge from the water swaying in the wind. A cool breeze from the mountains makes the leaves rustle. Ripples flow across the swimming pool. Birds chirp high up in the trees.

I love it here.

Soft sofas on my personal balcony make me want to just lay there and unwind with a good book. I can stay in my room all day. No need to go anywhere.

I explore the hotel, but that's all I can see for now. It's nighttime so I shall have to wait until tomorrow to see the view.

Peace and quiet is definitely good for the soul.