The other day I managed to make myself sit still and watch the movie “Precious.” It’s a sad and stressful movie yet at the same time full of hope.

It portrays the life of a teenage girl who has had an abusive childhood and is again pregnant with her second baby at the young age of 16. Illiterate and obese, she doesn’t seem to have much of a life ahead of her. Her mother lives on welfare and despises her. Her father is a painful memory she wants to forget. She gets kicked out of school for being pregnant.

My goodness, it’s a depressing life. I can’t imagine what it must have been like growing up as she did and experiencing all those abuses. It requires strength. It makes me feel so happy and grateful for everything I have. A place to stay, food in the fridge and people who love me.

What I do like about the movie is that the girl “Precious” overcomes all these obstacles no matter how grave they are. She dreams of one day being successful and well-known. Of being a Star. Despite her mom’s objections, she pursues her dreams and continues on with her education.

At an alternative school, she meets friends, gets pushed to learn how to read and write, and expands her horizons. She gains courage to stand her ground and seek a better life. She evolves as a person and is no longer just that “abused” girl. She is on the path to being the “Precious” she wants to be.

I feel like I am witnessing a bird being freed from its restrictive and suffocating cave. Precious is liberated from her abusive childhood.

Like Precious, we all have our cages. Our cages or “comfort zones” are where we are comfortable being, and believe that is our life. We do things a certain way because it is “comfortable” and is what we are used to doing or believe it should be. Sometimes though, a venture out of that “comfort zone” can reveal to us wonders. If only we dare let ourselves leave that “comfort zone” for awhile we might discover a new freedom, a new life we never expected.

Try doing something outside your comfort zone ..Go sing in the rain… it’ll twinkle your brain 🙂

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