Belts, I understand…

As I put on my jeans this morning and grabbed a belt, a thought flashed across my mind. “I now understand and really use belts for their original purpose.” I use belts to keep my jeans and pants up. I never had to before during my chubby days.

In my chubby days, belts were just an accessory. Something I put on for colour with my clothes and to keep my outfit looking professional. I wouldn’t tuck in my shirt, (No, we must not show that flabby stomach) Belts would be around the waist, and over my shirt, never inside. I had many colours, many sizes.
However, when wearing jeans I never needed to wear belts. My jeans were always so tight that they stayed up and in place without ever needing the help of a belt. If you can imagine a bag that is bursting from being over stuffed. That was me.

Plus, an added belt to an already tight pair of jeans felt uncomfortable. It would be all tight around my waist. As a result, I hardly ever ever wore belts with pants.

These past six months though I have finally discovered the proper usage of belts. (Of course we all know what belts are used for, but chubby people use them differently.) They have become a necessity to keep jeans and pants looking great and up. Without belts, I feel lost…

It’s a funny realization really. Who would have thought that little things like belts make all the difference when you are chubby and not? They really do. I’m happy to finally be able to use belts for their intended purpose. 🙂
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