Pork Satay like no other..

Today, I had what I consider the most delicious pork satayin recent memory. It came in a pack wrapped in banana leaves with peanut sauce and a side dish of cucumber, onion, chile and some vinegar. They all go so well together. A Thai traditional snack or appetizer.
For the benefit of my foreign readers, pork satay is what I call the asian version of shish kebab. Different kinds of meats are thinly sliced, marinated in mix of tumeric and other spices, and then grilled over a charcoal fire. It is served with peanut sauce and a cucumber side dish. I’m not sure where the dish originates from, but it can be found easily in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. In Thailand, chicken and pork are most common, but in Indonesia and Malaysia, satays are also made with mutton and beef.
The satay was so good, I couldn’t stop myself from having them, and neither could my friends. We all gathered around the pork satay, our hands holding onto the bamboo skewers whilst we bit the pork off the skewers. The number of skewers I had jumped from lucky 3 to lucky 7, good number 8, lucky 9 (in Thailand) and ended up at the nice round figure of 10.
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Of course…I didn’t eat it all in one go, but it was more than enough to leave me feeling full for the rest of the evening.
What was so good about it? The pork was really soft and juicy without the fat. Apparently this vendor had sliced the pork into smaller pieces and wrapped them around the bamboo skewers in such a way that it retains its moisture. It was soft and tasty. Just heaven for people who love to eat satay like me. I love eating meaty meats.
Of course, it won’t be worth sharing all this lovely info if I don’t tell you where you can find it. I post their contact info below (in Thai). You can just give them a call.. 🙂 Now I feel like ordering them for the weekend…