Believe, do, and it shall be…

Some lessons in life, don’t really “hit home” or really get across to you until you really experience them yourself. When we are young, we are all taught to “look for opportunities,” “believe in yourself” or to “create and atmosphere of success.” We know these lessons and secrets to success by heart. The hard part though is actually putting them into action.

So what is the “secret” to losing weight? Most of the effort depends on the most important “attitude” and your state of mind. If you believe in something enough, you will be able to accomplish whatever you set out to do. (I think this is also in the book called “The Secret.” )

I personally get a little quesy when people talk about the power of “The Secret.”

For me, “The Secret” is really just playing tricks with your mind. It’s a matter of positive thinking, attitude and psychology. If you think hard enough about something, something you really want to do or accomplish, you will then start taking the appropriate actions towards accomplishing that goal. It’s those actions that lead to success. Your mind opens up to new ideas.
When you think hard about your goal, believe in yourself, create an atmosphere of success, focus and look for opportunities. You will find that opportunities come your way. They come your way, because you have opened up your mind to welcome them. You have allowed yourself to “see” those opportunities and grab them when they arrive. As the saying goes: “Opportunities come to those who look for it.” An opportunity to exercise comes up, and you grab it.

Believing in yourself is also of utmost importance. If you believe you can run 5K, you can run 5K. If you don’t believe you can run 5K, you will never be able to run 5K. If you don’t believe in yourself first, no one will. Believe you can run 5K and you shall. Believe you will lose weight and you will. Believe you will lose 2 sizes to wear that dress and you will.

So whatever goal you may have open up your mind to success. Tell your mind, you will succeed and you shall. Open your mind to opportunities, and you shall see them. Create and atmosphere of success, and you will feel successful. Be a winner! 🙂 Life is what you make of it!

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