When I have "more" time…

Wow, it’s been a crazy few days running around Bangkok with a number of social and work obligations. So many things to do, so little time. It’s something we often hear and say often enough. ( I do anyways) So what do we do first and what do we do later?

Sometimes we get so caught up with work we forget to take some exercise or put off that “running” or that “pilates class” until another day when we “have more time.” Health and relaxation time have no priority and somehow that day when we “have more time” never comes around. We remember it half a year later.

I’ve managed to keep my running up to at least twice a week these past few months, to maintain my weight, but somehow my “pilates class” has been pushed aside for at least two months now. Not only that, my golf practice has also been in a state of emergency. I wonder if I can still remember my stroke.

Like running, everything else in life is just a matter of “MAKING TIME” for it. If it’s something we really want to do, we can always “make time” for it. Whether it’s making a little dream come true or just taking care of your health. So “make time” for that yoga class, pilates class, that golf practice, or that little dream.

Make time to do the things you really want to do, before each day is over and before you wake up one day 30 years too late and realize, you should have done that. You should have taken care of your health. You should have, should have, and should have, but didn’t.

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