Tonkatsu and Curry

I feel like having some Tonkatsu and Japanese Curry. The thought has been going through my mind for a couple of hours now and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. However, it will just have to wait for the weekend. I’ve been enjoying myself a bit too much lately.

Last weekend, after two months of postponed reunions, I finally managed to meet up with my friends from primary-middle school. It was wonderful to meet everyone again after so long. No matter what, no matter how long, it is always the same feeling of friendship when we meet up. I can imagine this going on until we are old and wrinkled.

Anyways, my friends took me to try out this new chain of restaurants serving Japanese Tonkatsu and Curry called CocoIchibanya from Japan. It’s delicious.

The experience itself was unique and personalized. Instead of just ordering something from the menu, at CocoIchibanya you can actually customize the food! For example, they have standard dishes of Pork Tonkatsu, Chicken Tonkatsu, Kimchi Pork.. etc. After choosing your main dish, you can choose your level of spiciness and then opt to 1) increase the amount of rice for 20thb or 2) decrease the amount of rice by 20thb 3) add special toppings of mushrooms, spinach, eggplant, etc…. or 4) choose a set meal.

Love it. Everyone gets their own customized Tonkatsu with Curry. I am conscious of how much carbohydrates I eat, so I don’t eat a lot of rice. Having the choice to have less rice is wonderful news to me, and for just a little bit more I can get some added mushrooms or spinach with my curry to have a more balanced meal.

If you want even more veggies, you can also order a set which includes fresh salad and your choice of drinks. All this and my meal came out to only 250thb (roughly $8).

Ok, so what about the taste? I thought the taste was definitely above average. The tonkatsu was crispy without the oil, and the pork wasn’t fatty. The rice wasn’t as japanese as I would like, but the curry was thick and savory without being too heavy. I love the sauce poured over the rice. The thought of it makes me hungry again. It certainly was a satisfying and fulfulling meal. So fulfilling, my chubby me feels like going out to enjoy herself with a bit of Tonkatsu and Curry with Spinach even though I’m full! (No, we won’t get tempted to return to the chubby me.)

Almost forgot to mention where you can find it. I tried the one at MBK, but they supposedly have chains in Paragon and also other shopping malls. 🙂